With a soft, serene color palette that flows from room to room of her Lake Highlands home, the last thing Emily Sheehan Hewett wanted to do was disrupt the look with loud Christmas decor.

But she didn’t want to skip out on creating a festive environment for her husband, Chris, and 3-year-old twins, Beckham and Stella.

So, she turned to familiar elements to deck her halls: natural designs, rich texture and a neutral palette for a rustic feel with a healthy dose of glitz and glam.

“I like everything to flow and match,” says Hewett, the designer behind A Well Dressed Home. The open concept of her home makes it easy to see just how well everything works together.
Branching out

The centerpiece of the holiday decor is, of course, the Christmas tree. It makes its home in a corner of the farmhouse-style kitchen.

Wrapped in a wide, linen like ribbon that features more than a hint of golden shimmer, the 9-foot artificial tree is also loaded with a collection of ornaments, decorative berry and pearl picks, oversize burlap flowers and faux branches.

And when the golden antlers, silver ornaments and metallic baubles didn’t fill the branches to Hewett’s liking, she added pieces of a feather boa for further dimension and texture.

A peacock is perched near the top of the tree, a nod to the Flag Pole Hill neighborhood’s flock.

Rather than using a traditional topper on the tree, which turns at the base to showcase all angles, Hewett created an explosion of golden feathers and cotton-type branches.

She used a similar treatment for the garland draped on the stairway. “It’s almost like it’s an extension of the tree.”

Creating fullness is key with garland, Hewett says. To accomplish that, she twisted together two artificial strands of greenery to create the base. She then worked in a strand of wispy golden needles drenched with glitter. Two complementary wired ribbons were weaved throughout, adding even more luxury and sparkle.

“Layering it all together makes your garland look full and beefier,” Hewett says.

The railing also serves as the backdrop for the family’s collection of stockings. Hewett purchased a variety of winter white stockings, but dressed them up by adding an assortment of bells, fabric rosettes and pearl accents.

Packaged with care

It’s not just the inside that’s bursting with Christmas spirit;Hewett sprinkled plenty of holiday decor outside, too.

Guests are greeted to the home with a series of rustic wooden signs and angels that hint at what’s to come inside. But the biggest giveaway is the greenery swagged over the French doors and adorned with golden antlers— the same antlers featured prominently on the tree inside.

“All of the pieces can work anywhere,” Hewett says.

Even the cabana. There was no skimping out there, “especially because it’s our only mantel,” says Hewett, who is enjoying her first holiday season in the home since a major renovation.

Beyond a holiday wreath, garland and pair of golden trees that flank the mounted TV, Hewett says she made sure to add a throw and lantern to further “cozy up” the space.

At the Hewetts’, it wasn’t just the stockings that were hung with care — it was everything. No detail left to chance, no rogue ornaments that stand out. “Everything has to match,” Hewett says.

So is it any surprise that all the gifts will be wrapped in coordinating paper, too? She’s stocked up on neutral plaids and deer head patterns.