Design stars, get ready to shine your brightest. If you hold a design degree and wish to own a design house, join us!

The AWDH Franchising

After a decade of successful interior design projects and perfecting a proprietary system of client engagement and exceptional deliverables, A Well Dressed Home is excited to share with you all that we have built.

Welcome to AWDH Franchising, a brand new concept that disrupts existing business models and brings unique benefits to designers and their clients.

Why franchise with AWDH?

We’re #1 (plus three more reasons)

AWDH is a proven brand with a portfolio brimming over with satisfied clients. We’re the first interior design company of our kind to enter the market as a replicable, franchise concept.

NO.1 / Proven Success

Franchising with AWDH gives designers access to a successful, tried and true system that brings unparalleled economy and efficiency to every project. Benefit from our expertise and focus more on the business of design than the business of business!

NO.2 / Guaranteed Exposure

With a social media following of over 60,000, franchisees will benefit from having a seat on the AWDH stage, gaining immediate client exposure and benefitting from the years of reputation building that have made AWDH a respected and successful brand across the country.

NO.3 / A Ready Market

As we’re the first interior design franchise to enter the national market, early AWDH franchisees will be given the opportunity to debut their locations in the most premiere markets, personally chosen by CEO and founder, Emily Hewett.

Who can franchise with AWDH?

For AWDH franchise eligibility, individuals must hold a bachelor’s degree in interior design.

Additional design licenses or registrations are favorable but not essential. If you’re a talented designer who meets this criteria, thrives on creative excellence and values stellar client relations, please apply!
Where will franchises be located?

AWDH Franchising is currently seeking eligible candidates to open design houses in the following states:

  • + Arizona
  • + Florida
  • + Georgia
  • + Louisiana
  • + Missouri
  • + Nevada
  • + Ohio
  • + Tennessee
Join the first design franchise in the nation and level up your career. Let's Make Design History.

Make Design History With Us!

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A Well Dressed Home

A Well Dressed Home