Baby Oliver’s Nursery Sneak Peek!

Do you remember the baby boy nursery design board that I posted a few months ago?

Today I am excited to share with you a sneak peek of Baby Oliver’s Nursery!

The fretwork above was done by the Mommy-to-be using painters tape. I think it turned out fabulous, don’t you?!

I’m loving the Waverly Cross Section fabric on the bumper paired with the mustard yellow ties!

What do you think? I always love to see one of my design boards come to life! Stay tuned…more pics to come in the next few weeks!


Painted Door Hardware – (oh yes, I did!)

The interior doors aren’t quite finished yet…we ran into an issue with the paint. Problem solved, doors should be finished today. Yay!

In the meantime, I want to tell you about my little project regarding our door hardware….

We have a house full of oil rubbed bronze door levers and plumbing fixtures. For the last year or so, I have been longing for antiqued bronze door hardware (and plumbing fixtures for that matter). If you are not familiar, it sort of looks like a brushed brass….not the 1980’s shiny brass, but a muted, matte, brushed brass. See below….

Antique Bronze faucet

So in the midst of having the doors painted, I realized — our oil rubbed bronze door levers are going to blend right in to the newly painted doors!!! So instead of running out and spending an additional $500 on new antique bronze door hardware, I did a little research and came up with an alternative solution.

Here is our door hardware before….

And here it is now!

Yep! I spray painted our perfectly good oil rubbed bronze door hardware!!! The color is a bit off in this picture, but once it dried, it was pretty close to the antiqued bronze!

Do I expect it to last for the next 10 years? No. But while doing some research, I read that it will last quite a while….of course I do expect some chipping here and there, but that’s an easy fix. And if they do become a mess, I will just replace them as they were going to have to be replaced anyways.

I’m excited to get the doors finished so that I can see the new hardware up against the paint color!

What are your thoughts on painting door hardware?


Featured! Our Vintage Bedroom Makeover Hits the Dallas Morning News!

If you get the Dallas Morning News, check out this morning’s Home section! It features the vintage makeover of Jennifer Vaughn’s master bedroom, which she and I collaborated on back in January.

Last fall, when Jennifer approached me to help her transform her & her husband’s bedroom, I knew this project would be over-the-top! Not only did we layer the wall in vintage book pages, we also layered the bed in vintage style pillows…some which I found at Home Goods and some which Jennifer made herself!

The lamps, adorned with tiny flowers and crystals, were also found at Home Goods as well as the 6′ birdcage, which we filled with vintage books.

To read more about this project and how we executed the book paged wall, click HERE.

A great big thank you to Misti Davis, of Pink Fly Photography, for the amazing photographs!


DIY: A Stylish Way to Display Your Collectables

I am often amazed at how creative and innovative my clients can be… Just yesterday I was at a client’s home in Ft. Worth (this is the home…how could I not include a picture of this oh-so-spectacularness?! I will live here one day!)

Ok – focus… as I was saying… just yesterday I was at a client’s home in Ft.Worth and she completely took me by surprise with a creative project that she recently completed.

She explained to me that her and her husband collect matchbooks from their many worldly travels, favorite restaurants, etc. Currently these matchbooks are contained in a glass vase in a kitchen cabinet…where, obviously, no one can see them. Her desire was to display them in a way that was interesting and unexpected, so she emptied the matchbooks out of the vase and onto the dining room table and proceeded to snap photos of them in an unorganized state.

She then selected her favorite photo, had it blown up and framed it with a $20 wall frame from Ikea. And it just so happens that it was the perfect size and color combination for a wall that we were looking to fill in her newly designed living room.

Here is her completed project – and please excuse the iphone pics, I was not expecting to be photographing today!

Doesn’t it look great?! I am loving all of the vibrant colors!

Here are a couple of close ups…

What a great project! It got me to thinking about all of the “collectables” that could be emptied onto a dining room table and photographed… such as a colorful stamp collection…

Or even a collection of vintage jewelry piled on top of old photos and tattered book pages…

All great ways to bring color and meaning into a room!

So what do you think? Do you collect anything that could be photographed like this?


DIY Framed Sea Fan Project …. CHECK!

Are you the type of person that likes to make a “to do” list so that you can check things off of it? I know I am…it’s a sense of satisfaction…makes me feel as though I’ve been super productive!

One project I’ve had on my to-do list for a while now is my DIY framed sea fan project. I finally got a chance to check this project off my list last week, and I am really happy with the results!

I started by ordering a couple of sea fans…this is what they looked like when they arrived…

Then I proceeded to coat each fan with Rust-Oleum gloss white spray paint that I already had in my storage closet…

Next, I went out on a hunt for the perfect shadow boxes. I needed fairly large ones as both of my sea fans were at least 12″ in diameter. I had my mind set on a brushed silver for the frame around the shadow box. I figured I would find something in the right size, but not the right color…or visa versa. But low and behold I found this at Michael’s….

The perfect size, the perfect color, AND…the fabric backing was the perfect shade of grey…all ideal for the room in which they would be used!

I then used this super silicon sealant to secure the freshly painted sea fans to the grey fabric backing…

After allowing them to dry for a few hours, I put the shadow boxes together…and voila! Clean, simple and inexpensive! How inexpensive? Less than $50 a piece…and that’s only because I bought a $25 shadow box. You can find similar shadow boxes for about $10.

Over the weekend I went to my client’s home to install them…here they are in her guest bath…gorgeous!  (and yes, the empty apothecary jar will soon be filled with fabulous bars of soap)

On a side note, I’m in love with the vanity and the pastel glass penny tiles on the floor…

And it shouldn’t surprise you to know that I’m also in love with the Carrera Marble on the counter top…

So what do you think? Is this a DIY project you’d be willing to take on? I still can’t get over how pricey framed sea fans are in retail stores. After doing some research, I found them ranging from $200-$1450! Craziness!



Before & After: DIY Wall Paneling Project…..all for only $75!


Hats off to my client, Jenny and her husband Eric! These two make a great team, especially when it comes to d.i.y.-ing around their own home!

Today I’m going to allow you a sneak peek of their master bedroom make over, to introduce to you one of their latest d.i.y. projects. This particular project was inspired by a post on the amazingly-talented Emily Clark’s blog that featured a paneled headboard tutorial by Jenny of Evolution of Style!

After meeting with my client, Jenny, in the beginning stages of her master bedroom makeover, she said to me…..”I think I’d like to try that paneling project that was featured on Emily Clark’s blog…..” I encouraged her to go for it….and here are the fabulous results…

Master Bedroom Before Wood Paneling Project

Master Bedroom Before Wood Paneling Project


And after $75 at Home Depot and a few hours of hard work….

Master Bedroom After DIY Wood Paneling Project

Master Bedroom After DIY Wood Paneling Project

Master Bedroom After DIY Wood Paneling Project

Quite a big impact for only $75, don’t you agree? The new paneling gives the room such a clean, classic look! And isn’t the wall color beautiful? It’s Nickel by Pratt & Lambert.

You can check out more of Jenny’s DIY projects on her fabulous new blog Modern Maizy.

As I said, this bedroom is still in the midst of a makeover…but I will be sure to post the end result as soon as it’s complete!


My Hunt for the Perfect Sea Fans Leads to So Much More!

I’m baaaaaaaaaccck! I hope you all enjoyed my “Latest & Greatest” Guest Post Series last week! A great big thank you to all of the fabulous bloggers who participated and allowed me to get a little R & R while in Aruba! I must admit, it’s hard for me to relax for more than a couple of days, so I did do some work while I was gone….even picked up a few new clients!! Maybe I should go on vacation more often! 😉

Anyways, a couple of weeks ago I posted about my upcoming DIY framed sea fan project. So I figured, why not look for sea fans while on my beach vacation?? I got a tip from a local that you can find an abundance of sea fans along the North shore of the island as the water is rough and washes a lot of sea life onto the shore. So off we went to scour for sea fans…

Unfortunately the ones that I did find were too tattered to be used…

But look what I came across a few days later on our dive……

Can you believe the size of this thing?? I was obsessed! It must have been 4 ft tall! But I obviously wasn’t taking it home with me…

I quickly realized that my dream of finding the perfect sea fans on my beach vacation was not going to become a reality….so I did a little research and decided to order the ones below online HERE. I found this to be a great source for future projects as they offer a variety of sea creatures…

seafans_1.JPG (640×480)

They also offer these great sea urchins…aren’t they pretty? I love the color!

In my opinion, the sea urchins look fabulous as decoration on a table or piled in a frame such as this…

And who wouldn’t love to have these finger star fish in their home?

This gorgeous frame can easily be replicated with an abundance of these five fingered beauties…

source unknown

They can also be framed by themselves…

Beach Cottage Style Framed Starfish On Burlap

Starfish also look fabulous as simple table top decor…

bathrooms - Darcy Wallpaper Price Pfister Amherst Faucet White Carrara Marble Costco Vanity suzie espresso brown silver white gray Pottery Barn Costco bathroom vanity Price Pfister Amherst brushed nickel faucet fixtures light fixture basket white carrara carrera marble countertop hexagon tiles Overstock Hudson mirror apothecary jar starfish Darcy wallpaper bathroom

And last but not least, the sea sponge….I recently purchased 3 of these for a client from Pottery Barn for $8 a piece. These lovlies are only $.60 per sponge!

I love they way they look piled into an apothecary jar!

bathroom Apothecary Jars with sponge

From sea fans, to sea urchins, to capiz shells and more…the possibilities are endless…you just have to get creative!

Have you incorporated any type of sea life into your home decor? If so, I’d love to hear about it!



Making a Big Impression on a Not-So-Big Budget!

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to bring color and pattern to a room in your home, look no further! I have your tips and tricks on how to do just that!

Most people looking to create visual points in a room would turn to an expensive piece of art or a pricey mirror, I would suggest creating your own decor! All you will need is a few scraps of fabric and an equal number of matted,or un-matted, reasonably priced wall frames.

When deciding on fabrics, consider the color scheme that you already have going on in your room. I would suggest selecting a few coordinating fabrics to introduce multiple patterns to the design. And don’t be afraid to think outside of the box by using old vintage textiles or printed silk scarfs…

If you have a room full of grays and plums…this fabric trio would be a perfect combination…


If you have a room full of neutrals, this would be an excellent way to introduce color into the room…

Or you could select one bold print to frame in a series of three, such as this fabulous trellis print by Kelly Wearstler…

12x18 Kelly Wearstler Imperial trellis lumbar pillow in mandarin orange

Below are several fabulous ways to display your fabric selections….the possibilities are literally endless!

Textile Wall Art & Framed Fabrics 3

style files


summer thornton petrie

Swatch portraits….what a creative idea!

a set of embroidery hoops framing different fabrics hung on a wall

pure style home

framed+suzani+lgn.jpg (450×380)

emily walker

Saving the best for last…

elle decor

All stunning examples of how an inexpensive piece can make such a dramatic statement! Not to mention the fact that these pieces are much easier to alter than a wall full of wall paper! Wouldn’t you agree?!

Now that you’ve heard my recommendations, I’d love to hear your thoughts on framed textiles!


Sea Fan Wall Art…So Chic, Yet So Easy to D.I.Y!

Several months ago I was contacted to design a nursery for a client that had recently built a house in my neighborhood. Since then, I have been hard at work transforming the rest of their house into their “forever” home.

One of the rooms I’m currently working on is the guest bath, which also happens to be the pool bath….and by the way, the back yard—straight out of a magazine! So of course I determined that it simply had to be adorned with beachy, resort-like decor and accessories.

Being a newly constructed custom home, the bath already has gorgeous finishes such as…

….a free standing vanity with a White Carrara Marble top, such as this one….

….and beautiful serene glass mosaics in colors such as these, mixed with polished flooring and wall tile…

While day dreaming about accessories for this bath, I knew I had to include my latest obsession…framed sea fans….

Sea Fan on Linen III Dimensional Product

…to me, they are stunning, as they are created by nature in beautiful shapes and colors. I have decided to include 2 in this bath design. However, most of the ones I find are around $200 each….and that’s a hard pill to swallow for a guest bath, don’t you agree?

So, I’ve decided to take on the project of making them myself! After reading a couple of tutorials over the weekend, it seems to be a fairly simple project…, it will allow me to customize them.

I will more than likely use white sea fans on top of linen fabric to give it that extra beachy feel. I haven’t decided on the finish of the shadow box frame just yet…I’m thinking white or even a brushed silver such as the frame above. Either way, I will be sure to post the fabulous end result!

Check out these photographs of these beautiful creatures being stylishly put to use…

What do you think? Gorgeous, huh? I can’t wait to get started on this project!

What is my deal lately? Last week I obsessed over Coral Table Lamps and today I’m writing about Sea Fan Wall Art….you’d think I am in desperate need of a beach vacation! Well, perfect timing!! My husband and I are heading to Aruba on Thursday for some fun in the sun!

And I am excited to announce that while I am gone, I will have a slew of fabulous guest bloggers to step in for me in a “Lastest & Greatest” Guest Post Series! I will be posting the line up this week…you won’t be disappointed!

Happy Monday everyone!!

Goodwill Hunting…

As if I don’t have enough going on right now, I convinced myself to tackle a little diy project for my new home office this weekend.

Now that my drapes are hung and pillows are made, I decided I needed to do a little accessorizing…but I wanted something unique…something that I could make my own! So I headed to Goodwill to satisfy my ambition and my budget!

Here is what I came home with…

What are they? Well, heck, I have no idea! But they were only $.99/each, so I snagged them! :-)

Then I journeyed over to Tuesday Morning to see what else I could come up with….that’s when I found this serving tray. The color was appalling at best, but the shape was practical and refined. Would you believe me if I told you that the original asking price on this rubbish was $100?! Yep! But I paid only $9.99! Score!

As soon as I got home I tackled all 3 pieces with my go-to remedy for any unsightly accent…… spray paint!

I painted the 2 pieces from Goodwill in a matte gold and tackled the tray with a high gloss black. I also lined the inside of the tray with a bold geometric patterned black and white fabric which I found at JoAnn’s for only $9.99/yd. To hide the frayed edges of the fabric, I accompanied it with a subtle gold ribbon which served nicely as a trim.

Here is the end result…….and all for about $25!

I love the detail of the little feet…


Both pieces from Goodwill have come in handy for securing business cards, pens, pencils, etc. And the tray can be used anywhere from my desk top to the foot of the bed.

So, have you found any treasures at Goodwill? Did you keep them in their original state or doctor them up a bit? I’d love to hear about your finds!


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